Corporate Events

Corporate events

As a leading event management company specializing in corporate events, Our event organizers are dedicated to infusing creativity and vibrancy into your routine work life. From Team Building Activities to product launches, seminars, and conferences – we go beyond the ordinary, consistently surprising you with extra touches of sparkle and excitement. Our approach to corporate events is driven by innovation, as we meticulously curate your entire corporate calendar, from commemorating employee milestones and birthday celebrations to facilitating soft skill sessions, every HR activity is tailor-made to align with your company's values and standards. We craft personalized experiences that resonate with your team's essence. Family days, team outings, networking events, town halls, annual days, themed parties, product launches, and conferences & seminars are just a glimpse of our extensive offerings. Engage with our team to explore the number of possibilities we present. Clients return to us again and again, drawn by our unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations. With each event, we channel renewed enthusiasm to not only meet but outshine our previous accomplishments, leaving both clients and their esteemed guests awestruck.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning

Erigo, renowned among wedding planners in Bangalore, is your all-inclusive solution for seamless wedding planning. As an accomplished event planner, we specialize in crafting enchanting Dream Weddings that reflect your unique lifestyle and personality. We provide a range of options, including custom-tailored services and all-inclusive package solutions. With meticulous attention to detail, we collaborate closely with you to shape your vision into an indelible reality. Our expertise spans the spectrum of wedding planning – from conceptualization and organization to negotiation and orchestration. We ensure that every aspect of your Wedding functions is executed flawlessly, delivering optimal value without compromising on quality, and ensure that you receive the best services at the most competitive rates. Embark on your wedding journey with Erigo (us) and experience the assurance of end-to-end excellence.

Team Building

Team building

Recognizing employees as invaluable assets, we acknowledge the vital role of maintaining their energy and motivation consistently. Within the realm of event management, corporate team-building activities hold a crucial position in shaping an organization's HR policy. At Erigo Events, we provide the ideal solution to fulfill this crucial requirement, offering a diverse range of choices to cater to your needs, from outdoor team activities, and outings to indoor learning and development programs. Your search for invigorating employee engagement finds its solution with us.



Once your choice of exhibits is made, we take full responsibility for the entire process. We immerse ourselves in every aspect of stall operations, from branding to product presentation. Operating seamlessly within the designated budget, our focus remains on maximizing product visibility and creating marketing collateral designed to connect with the intended target audience.



Erigo is a fully capable and a self-sufficient Event Planner, that is dedicated to create Dream Weddings. We offer holistic solutions, either as customized, be-spoken service or in a packaged format. Our Wedding events reflect your lifestyles and personality, and we work closely with you to create unforgettable memories


Birthday events

Each birthday party curated by us is a dynamic blend of innovative, productive, and joyful activities that create an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Erigo stands as a reliable partner in steering your birthday event, meticulously planning and flawlessly executing every element to make the occasion into a timeless memory. We give equal attention to every detail, from decorations, and engaging entertainment to seamless food management. Our comprehensive services include finding party venues, helping you select the party theme, crafting venue decorations that blend with the chosen theme, designing eye-catching invitation cards, strategic menu planning, artistic cake creations, and organizing entertainment activities. With us in charge, you can enjoy your birthday celebration without having to worry about anything.


Product launches

We understand how important your brands and products are. Aligning with your vision, we execute classy product launches.

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